Dr. Cherry Collier


My Story

One day Dr. Cherry had it all: a 6-figure job, both parents living, a loving and supportive relation-ship, and all the other things that go along with the fairy tale life. Suddenly, her dreams were turned inside out, forcing her to make some very tough life choices. Her greatest choice was deciding to view her cup as half full rather than half empty. Her life experiences combined with her formal education and training continue to fuel her passion for inspiring, motivating and teaching individuals, teams and organizations to resolve conflict, manage and champion diversity, foster collaboration and achieve high performance.

Education & Certifications

Cherry A. Collier PhD, MCC, MCNLP, RCC, CCPC is the Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO) and Master Certified Executive Coach & Diversity Strategist for Personality Matters, Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent over 24 years developing her mastery with a Ph.D. and Masters of Science from the University of Georgia in the field of Organizational/ Social Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts graduating Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College in 1991.


Dr. Cherry will help you and

your organization manage and achieve cultural diversity and alignment, foster collaboration between people from different races, genders and with Dr. Cherry’s own expertise, also people from different personalities.

From her studies in the US and abroad, she has initiated research projects and initiated diversity programs for a variety of clients, including academic institutions. She provides solutions on:

  • cultural diversity
  • intercultural communication
  • cross-cultural training
  • stereotypes and bias
  • psychology of women in leadership
  • psychology of gender
  • personality
  • discrimination
  • diversity and inclusion
  • organizational change
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • communication
  • coaching and competency-based skills
  • selection, recruitment and retention
  • personal and professional growth
  • positive psychology
  • women and minorities
Dr. Cherry is an Executive Coach, Professor and a Trainer that is often seen on television and heard on radio. Dr. Cherry helps her clients see and achieve great results. She led the organizational change and human performance efforts for several $5+ million-dollar ventures. Dr. Cherry has a natural talent in developing talent management strategies and coaching diverse teams. Her programs positively affect revenue, profit, and performance.
She is a college professor, an executive consultant, facilitator, and author. She is certified a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation and Master Certified in NLP from the American Board of NLP. Dr. Cherry Collier certified in MBTI, DISC, HBDI, CPI, and True Colors (and many others), and she is a TTI-DISC distributor.
She is the ideal speaker for:
  • Colleges, universities and schools
  • Conference, keynotes and workshops
  • Conflict management
  • Corporate employee programs
  • Leadership retreats
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Orientations
  • Team buildings